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Our Classes

The New Era of Fitness Classes has Arrived 


T.C Fitness is a Dance / Aerobic complete 60-minute workout. Every class is enjoyable, effective, safe & taught in an environment where you are encouraged to " Work at your own level of comfort ". Class formats consist of a warm up followed by an aerobic segment. Mat work tones & strengthens lower body, abdominal & the upper torso in addition to ending with gentle cool-down stretches. Please Note that you will be required to bring your own - mat, water, hand weights and wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes

Dance Power ​​

Dance Power

Interval Strength

Body Stretch / Pilates 

Fusion Fit 45

Includes cardiovascular and dance fusion workout with strength training using hand held weights. Core strengthening and stretching. Great Work out  for all fitness levels

A 60 minute session interspersing strength and resistance training during the cardio section . Hand held weights and resistance tubes used.

This class in a non impact program. This class is used to strengthen ,  lengthen and stretch. Pilates technique has been used for over 30 years by dancers and athletes to strengthen the stomach , back and neck muscles population in modified programs. This can also be a good tool for Stress Relief.


this class will be a 45-minute fusion of strength work, core work and stretch focusing on Upper/Lower body and Core strength using light weights, bands and body weighted moves and of course with music.

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