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Christmas News Letter 2022

Thank You

To all my wonderful crew, this year has certainly thrown us all many challenges and curve balls but we have faced them head on with strength and good humour and plenty of friendship, dancing and coffee.

I am always in awe ofthe power ofwomen especially when times get tough Youreally know how to step ti up and more importantly lift each other upas well. Keep smiling ,keep dancing and keep singing along whenever you can !!!

THANK YOU to my wonderful management team Trish, Sue, Lana Eve and Robyn they clean they lift they pack they smile and they support me in so many ways and I am so grateful for their friendship and hard work.Special and BIG thanks to Trish who has supported me this year during the biggest physical challenge I have faced in 35 years in the business .Trish gives so much energy to her teaching we are so lucky to have her expertise and friendship.

CHRISTMAS CLOSURES: Our LAST class for 2022 will be the 17th of December (Christmas Class) and our FIRST class for 2023 will be the 9th of January and then classes will run as usual. If your tickets expire during the class break you will be able to use any unused tickets when you return.

Pilates will return Monday 30th Jan and Tuesday 31st Jan.

BODY BOX CARDS These need to be done every year to keep us updated on any relevant changes in your health and to make our insurance company happy.

I will be giving these out in the last week of classes please take them home fill them in and bring them back in the New Year.

Our Christmas Class is Saturday 17th December our theme this year is the Sixties lets have some fun everyone is welcome a 45 minute workout followed by bubbly and nibbles, and of course our class photo for the year.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OUR 100 CLUB PARTICIPENTS FOR 2022 this shows a huge commitment to your physical and emotional health this year keep it up in 2023 !!!!!

Finally Thankyou for another fabulous year of fitness,fun and friendship you are all every single one of you part of a wonderful community of women making a difference in each others lives.

Have a wonderful relaxing happy Christmas with your family and friends, stay safe and we will see you back for more music and dancing in 2023.

Therese, Trish and the TCF Management Team. XXXXX

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