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COVID-19 Our Response

Updated: Sep 2

Hi Ladies,

As always at Total Condition Fitness, we want to provide a great fitness workout and experience which is second to none.

With the current health situation, we're continually looking for best practices and advice on how we ( as a company ) can act and play our part to ensure we keep both our team and of cause our clients safe and healthy.

As such we're continuing to encourage social distancing, and for all of our shared equipment, it will be cleaned thoroughly after every class and other precautions such as empowering you all to continue social hand-washing.

To best support our team of lovely managers we would prefer you to make your class pass payments by card or electronic transfer. We would request you to not attend class if you are sick or unwell in any way.

It is more important than ever we look after our health both emotionally and physically at this challenging time, and we will do our best to do this and provide relative support where possible

See you in class

Therese, Julie and Trish XX.


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